My Proverbial “Last Lecture”

I’m not going to, nor do I plan on dying any time soon. But as a final addition to the journal series that I’ve been writing for school, this is supposed to be a culmination of the things I have learned over the last three months.

Rather than regurgitating everything I have learned so that only the teacher will read it, I’ll re-iterate a few of the principles that I have found to be most influential in my success as a business owner thus far.

First, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Make them early and often.  We learn through our mistakes and experiences.  If we are to grow, we have to get used to making mistakes and being good at learning from them so that we don’t repeat them.

Second, work on your business, not in it.  A business owner should be able to be supported by his business.  Rather than getting tied up in the day to day things, a business owner should be working on the business to ensure it’s growth and success.

Third, if you give, you’ll get.  The results of charity are a pretty crazy phenomenon that we all should be taking advantage of.  When we give to others, we will always get a much larger return in one way or another.

And finally, my wife is my greatest supporter.  She has been so helpful and patient in raising our son while I’m in and out of the house or simple gone for many hours at a time.  School and work has been hard, but it’s been nothing to the responsibility she’s had to ensuring that our son grows well.  Additionally, she makes sure the house is in order and that we have food ready to be eaten when I get home.  She’s an incredible woman that I’m very grateful for.

It’s been a tough but rewarding three months, and I’m really excited to see my business grow in the next three.

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