Lesson Learned

It’s been a bonkers two weeks.

I was contacted about a job in Boise a few weeks ago to film the keynote speaker of a convention happening at Boise State.  I would be working for about an hour and everything was supposed to be simple and happy.

I woke up the next day however with phone calls from different lawyers and organizations telling me that the speaker I had filmed had told someone’s story without permission and that I had to delete all of my footage of the event.  Well, obviously I wasn’t going to do that and I was able to contact the speaker.  We were able to get things figured out on our end, but the lawyers of the person in question insisted that we couldn’t do anything with the footage I had.  Fortunately, the speaker is a patient and smart woman whose been great to work with.  Things are getting sorted out and we are going to be able to make sure all parties are happy with the outcome.

Needless to say, from now on, I’ll be doing my research to ensure that everyone involved or even potentially involved has a property release signed.

Other than that, I’m losing my mind from the work between school and my business.  It’s pretty easy to get down and depressed and just feel like backing off for a few days.  Fortunately, I have my wife and child reminding me why I’m doing all of it so that I can keep pushing through.

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