Commit To The Trick

This week I’ve hit a point where I know I need more people on my team than I currently have.  (It’s just me.) There are other professionals in this world who are much better than me in their specific fields, and I need to utilize their skills.  My problem is that I’ve been pretty nervous about the financing of getting them on board.

Since day one of this crazy ride, I’ve had some pretty major fears.  One thing that I’ve mentioned before that helped me a lot was the idea that I shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes and that I should make them early and often.

Today I learned about a woman named Nicole Donnelly.  She runs a business making leg warmers and she’s done really well with it.  Previous to her business, she was a homeless snowboarder, meaning that she lived in her car and rode the slopes full time.  Something that she said that has helped push me forward in making the scary decisions was “Commit to the trick.” As a snowboarder, she said that you must commit. You can’t give up half way through the trick or you’ll end up landing upside down and seriously hurting yourself.  The same is true of business.  We must commit to whatever it is we are facing, and see it through.

I myself am a snowboarder so hearing this advice from someone with the same interests as me was really beneficial.


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