It’s Been a Week

We’ve moved!  We are officially set up at a new location in Rexburg and we are really excited to be working from there, and with the other individuals in the space.

Most of this week’s time was spent outside of work unfortunately.  I am still a full-time student taking 15 credits of classes each semester and it gets harder and harder to stay motivated as we find success in our business.

This week was actually pretty fun however, because I spent a lot of time filming a short film that is the focus of one of my classes.  We have been working on this film since the beginning of the semester, and have finally been able to begun the production process.  Today was especially fun because the location that we’d found was perfect for what we were hoping to shoot.  As soon as the film is complete, I will post a link to this blog so that others can enjoy it.

As I’ve mentioned, it’s tough to stay motivated in schooling when we find success.  We struggled with the decision for me to even stay in school this semester, because we wanted to go 100% into our new business.  We were told by everyone that I needed to stay in school, if not to learn, then to just check the box saying that I got my degree.  I agree that it’s important for me to have it so that if things don’t work out and I need to go be a W-2 employee again, the degree will help me.  But like I said, when we are successful in our business, I find it tough to want to finish that degree.  I’ll keep pushing though, if for no other reason than to stop my mom from pestering me about it.

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