Work ON Your Business

This week has been absolutely crazy.  Disruptive Productions is in the process of working with the city of Rexburg and the Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce to create a city-wide marketing project.  Our goal is to create a massive project including as many businesses as will be on board that will show the people of Rexburg and other surrounding cities how great our local businesses are.

We took our proposal to the city and to the chamber and found out that just a few days earlier, a similar company from a different state proposed a similar project and they had already begun working with them.  This was disconcerting at first, but we were able to talk to the Mayor and offer up our services in time for him to be interested.  Obviously, it makes more sense to go with a local business for a project like this, so he was more than willing to do what needed to be done.  We have been trying to work with him and the chamber CEO in order to make sure this works out as best as possible for everyone involved.

That being said, I have been working in my business a lot this week.  One way that I have worked on my business is to join the Action Club and take a course from one of their coaches, Shane Leavitt.  Shane has been a close business partner since the beginning of our journey, so when we’d heard that he was getting into business coaching and mentoring, we took the opportunity to learn from him quickly.

One of the things that we talked about this week was the principle taught in the book The E-Myth Revisited.  It is that a business owner should work on their business, rather than in their business.  The book first talks about 3 types of thinking that a business owner must have and utilize if they are to be successful.  They are the technician, the entrepreneur and the manager.  The technician is the individual who is good at his trade.  He does one thing well and because of that, he decides to work using that skill and get paid for it.  The technician is not as concerned with details or the future or even the income, as he is with simply being able to do what he knows and what he is good at.  The entrepreneur lives for the future.  He is the big dreamer and has big ideas on the way things should be.  His ambition causes him to get caught up in his own head and it can often be frustrating for the entrepreneur to see how slowly things move.  The manager pays attention to detail.  There is a place for everything, and everything should be in it’s place.  He is concerned with making sure that things work well.  This means getting the bills paid, organizing expenses and ensuring that the business is a well-oiled machine.

It is crucial that all three types of people either are the business owner, or the business owner works with others who fit those qualities.  If there was no technician, there’d be no one to do the work.  The technician without the entrepreneur or the manager might as well work for someone else as a technician.  The entrepreneur is so high on his own ambition, he’s unconcerned with who’s doing the work or who’s paying the bills. But without him, things will never grow.  And the manager is so deep in the details that he’s unconcerned with growth, but without him the lights won’t stay on.

I found that utilizing all three of these types of work and thinking allow a business owner to hire others so that he can work on the business, rather than in it.  It also goes with the concept of your business working without you and I’d add: for you, without you.  It all reminded me of the flywheel talked about in Good to Great. 

The flywheel is a massive metal wheel that doesn’t move easily.  But with enough consistent pushes, it eventually moves with it’s own momentum.

Hiring people is something that has always freaked me out.  One of my main goals by the time I’m finished with the Action Club training is to feel comfortable hiring others to work with me.  I’ll leave it to you to ask how it goes.

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