My #1 Business Partner

I want to use this week’s post to give some credit to the lady that makes my life a million times easier than it would be without her.

Megan and I have been married for a little over two years now and she’s had to put up with a lot.  From the beginning, she decided to put off a mission (her second time doing so) so that she could marry me. While we were dating, I shared with her my love of Rexburg and the university and my desire to stay there until I graduated. (BYU-I has famously low tuition, this was the real reason I wanted to stay.) So, she moved to Rexburg with me, leaving her family and friends in Utah.

Being newlywed college students, we had some savings thanks to the jobs that we had worked prior to being married.  The funds soon dwindled however and from then on, things have been tight.  We worked different jobs at call centers and such, trying to support ourselves and prepare for the family we wanted, then soon had.

My son was born and she quit working to be at home with him.  She was still enrolled in school and that meant that we got to balance school schedules between each other, passing the baby back and forth for a few semesters.  In her final semesters, she was able to do online classes so that she could stay home while I continued working and going to school.  At this point, I was playing with the idea of becoming a freelance videographer, but the dream of starting a content creation business was a long-time-in-the-future goal.

As I got more and more frustrated by the minimum wage work and working for someone else, we made the crazy decision to start our own company.  Megan was not only supportive of this decision, she was enthusiastic about it.  Her excitement to get it going got me through the scary parts and the steep learning curve of getting things running.

As business started to grow, she felt the desire to try her hand at selling.  She became my first sales rep and has been the most successful so far.  Her belief in our businesses mission and service makes her a very effective and persuasive representative.

As a math education major, she’s my go-to for anything with numbers.  She’s in charge of our budget, our finances, and anything that we need to support our finances.  Because of her additional skills with research and talking to the right people, she has saved us thousands in child-care and healthcare costs.

The most incredible thing that she does day to day is be an excellent mother to our son.  I spend most days editing and doing homework late into the night, not usually getting to bed until 2 or 3am.  She gets everything done that she needs to so that she can get to sleep at a healthy hour, then wakes up with our son every morning.  She plays with him always and makes sure that he is fed, dry, and happy (she does a pretty good job of ensuring the same for me as well.) I attribute any good qualities that my son has, his sense of humor, his intelligence and his development to my beautiful wife.

I’ll love her forever.

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