If You Give, You’ll Get

One of the most underrated and least talked about principles of business and resulting success is that of charity.  We have all seen and been taught in one way or another that when we give, we get.

From a young age, I was taught by my parents and church leaders that if I paid my tithing to the church, God would bless me in such great measure that I wouldn’t even be able to receive all of the blessings.  This has proven true throughout my life, and even more so in my adult life, when I am supporting myself and family, and have more to give away.

As I have started doing business as Disruptive Productions, I have been given many opportunities to offer my services pro-bono. It’s always difficult to give those kinds services to people, especially when we consider the value of what it is we are giving away.  For some reason, our natural instinct is to milk everything for all it’s worth.  I have found that simply getting to it rather that stopping to think about it makes it much easier.

There are many studies and stories told by successful business owners that prove that when we give, we get.  Meaning that when we give something, we will in turn receive more than we gave down the road.  Two sources that I’d suggest on this topic are speeches and articles written by Arthur C. Brooks: Why Giving Matters, and The Privilege of Giving.  I’d also suggest the book, The Go Giver.

Most recently, I had the opportunity to attend an event created by members of the Givent Executive Network.  It’s a Christmas event where families can go to a movie with Santa and they receive gifts.  I documented the event and created a video that was given to the organization.  It was a lot of work and took a lot of time.  There were many times where I asked myself if it was worth it. I was very busy with running a start up, taking 15 credits of school, and being a father of a one year old.  But I kept going and created something I was really proud of.  The reactions to the project would have been enough for me, but I was invited to the Givent meeting where they would be showing the finished video.  Again, the reactions of everyone in the room would have been plenty as far as a return, but I was blessed to talk to a few individuals who were interested in working with me.  The return of doing this project ended up getting me more than I could have ever hoped for.

My hope is that this article will give just another example of this amazing concept.  If we give, we get.  And we get so much.  I really believe that it is our responsibility and privilege to give because we are so blessed to live in this great country.

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