What Matters Most?

We saw some great things happen this week. First, we got a deal going with a business that we have been hoping to work with for a long time. We got some work with a client of one of our partner companies in which we took light tent images of their products. We found some new ways to generate leads which we are really excited about, and we have continued to work with our current clients whom we see grow each week.

All of these amazing things happening get me thinking about what kinds of things happened in my life to get me here and what provided the opportunities.  We live in an incredible country at an incredible time.  It really is thanks to these things that people like me can just decide to start a business one day and run with it.  We really do take for granted everything that we have been given on a pretty massive level.

In one of my classes, we learned from a guy name Desh Deshpande.  He came to America with $8 in his pocket, and became a billionaire.  He talked about the things that we have and how they are not really essential to our lives, even if we think they are.  His $8 was proof of that.  He also goes to India 5 or so times a year and when he comes back, he is always reminded of how blessed we are in the States.  The Indian people live their lives and get on just fine without many, many of the things we have hear. Everyday things like running water and reliable electricity.  But they live on.

He said that because of everything we have here, we have the chances to do amazing things like decide to build a business.  We should not take the opportunities we have for granted.  We should take advantage of them as much as we possibly can and give back to the world through our success.

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