Passion and Charity

I learned this week about a man named Tom Monaghan and a woman named Magdalena Yesil. They both taught me about the topics of this post, and how I can apply them to my own business.

Tom is known for starting a small pizza company called Dominick’s Pizza.  As it grew, the name changed to Domio’s. Tom was a prideful man, who was always looking for the next best way to impress people around him.  He achieved this by buying expensive toys and by surrounding himself with important people. As his life progressed however, he recognized that things weren’t as great for him as he might have wished and he began giving his money to others.  Today, he lives in a small one-bedroom apartment and continues to give all that he has to those in need. Despite the seemingly low quality of life, his friends and family know him as the happiest man alive.

I too, like Tom, have always had dreams of fame and fortune.  Unlike Tom however, I was taught at an early age how to give and what kinds of benefits come from it.  I remember my dad telling me about a study done by some big name social scientists about the correlation between wealth and charity.  They found that those who gave more to charity, also made more money down the line.  They found a direct relationship between the amount given, and how much income came later.  This was proof to me that the world gives back when we are selfless.

Tom continues to make huge amounts of money, but for him, the joy that he experiences is worth so much more.  By doing his work, he was able to fulfill his passion for giving.

Magdalena was also an extremely successful business woman with a great reputation. In the study I found of her, she was in the process of joining a large firm to become a crucial member of it’s business.  It was something that had interested her, but not nearly as much as creating start-ups had been.  What she was really known for, was building businesses from the ground up, that did very well.  This was her passion.  In our class study on her situation, we were not told what decision she made, but we discussed what decision we would make if in her place.

I personally believe that people should always stick to what they love.  It doesn’t matter what it is, if you do it because you love it, the end result will always be better.  Not only that, but your quality of life will be immensely better.

I was sick of working for someone else, so I started a business doing what I love.  And despite the fact that it has been hard and at times terrifying, I have loved every second.  And not for one moment have I wished to be back to working for the big man, making a steady paycheck.

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