First blog post

I don’t know how many people will read this beyond the instructor of the course that has assigned these blog posts and the occasional student who shares the class with me.  But while I will write for the sake of the grade of the class, I will not be writing to them.

Rather, I will be writing to you individuals who have decided to visit the Disruptive Productions website either because you are interested in our services or because you got lost in a google search.  Either way, I want these blog posts to be for you.

One of the main things that my business partners and I have decided to make as a major part of our business model is transparency.  We all, especially you, are tired of hidden fees or agendas forced onto us by people we try to do business with.  This has meant that we put everything on the table when we sell, when we produce, and when we deliver.  My hope is that this blog will add an element of transparency and truth to what you are getting when you work with Disruptive Productions.

I am a student.  This is something that many have told me to keep hidden from potential and current clients.  I understand why.  It can come across that I am inexperienced and that could worry people when they are paying good money for a service.  But I hope that my end result and professional attitude is a better indicator of those things than the fact that I am still in school.

This blog is designed by the course I am being graded on it for, to be a weekly reflection of what I am learning and how I am changing.  I want to share this process with you, so that once again, I am adding to the transparency that is Disruptive Productions.

I look forward to sharing, learning, and communicating with whomever reads.

(I also look forward to the boost in my SEO.)

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